oilive oil and ice cream

Olive Oil & Ice cream - Yes, it's delicious!

So why does it work so well with ice cream?

The chill transforms the olive oil – and it really must be extra virgin – into something luscious and syrupy, that adds to the creamy mouthfeel with every spoonful. The earthy, fruitiness of the olives are really allowed to shine through, while everyone’s favourite flavour, umami, balances the sweetness of the ice cream. In short, it’s delicious.

And there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy this dessert creation. Perhaps a plain vanilla bean ice cream is your favourite frozen flavour, or a pistachio gelato or even something more complex, like stracciatella or dark chocolate – whatever you choose, olive oil works.

I like it best with chocolate or peanut butter ice cream.


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