Our Story

We’re a small family business and we’re a bit obsessive about making olive oil! We've been growing and producing at Quartz Hill Estate for over seventeen years.

Our recipe for great oil is simply:

  • having the best Italian trees
  • choosing the optimal harvest time when the olives are half green and half black
  • hand selecting olives from each paddock, and
  • insistence on same-day pressing

Producing extra virgin olive oil is our passion, and harvest time is our favourite time of year. The first taste of the oh-so-green oil, straight from the press is amazing. Many of our customers say they’ve never tasted anything like our oil. It’s why we sell out of Estate oil every year!

Our grove of 1,600 trees is low yielding but harvested early in the season it produces a beautiful robust oil, high in polyphenols.

Olive growing can be fickle. It's a bi-annual crop meaning one good year is often followed by an off-year. To help smooth production, and in response to growing demand we introduced our Alluvial Press oil in 2023. Our medium to mild oil is sourced from groves in the Macedon Ranges under the Alluvial Press label.

Making olive oil is incredibly rewarding and that’s why we do it.